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How can we help? 

At The Vet Project, we want to help make the Veterinary industry better for all our hard-working colleagues. 

Over the next few weeks we will be encouraging people to apply for Access to Work, a government grant that gives them funds to help support their work. 

This is a very positive thing for them and you. This funding is designed to help support them AT WORK, to become more efficient, identify strengths and manage workloads and interactions better.  We are here to answer any questions you might have, and to give you any resources and support you might need, to make the process as quick and easy as possible. 

What are my obligations? 

Initially, all you will be required to do is to confirm that the person applying does indeed work for you. It is simply an identity and employment status check, to prevent fraud. 

Further down the line, there might be some questions about what reasonable adjustments are already in place at the workplace, and what needs further support. We can help you with all of this. 

Remember, they are not trying to catch anybody out, they are simply trying to establish what level of support is needed by your employee. 

At The Vet Project, we are training and coaching specialists, so we will be supporting most employees to apply for coaching. You may also like to ask about training for your staff, if that is something you think they need. Access to work might fund the vast majority of the costs for this, but may ask you to contribute a small percentage. Again, this is something that The Vet Project can support you with, and as specialists in neurodiversity, we have a wide range of training available. 

This might be a good chance to take advantage of it. 

Additionally, AtW might ask you to fund the initial costs of coaching for an individual or training, and then claim it back from them. Again, this is just their way of avoiding fraud. 

In most cases, we at The Vet Project can circumvent this, with our invoicing, so you will never be out of pocket. Or often we will deal directly with AtW, to minimise any extra work or cost for you. 

For any special equipment, you may be asked to share the costs with AtW. 

Who can apply? 

Anyone can apply. 

From company directors, to the newest intern. This funding is not means teated, it will not affect any other benefits, and you don't have to pay it back. 

Interestingly, even young people starting a traineeship can apply, so getting support and coaching would be a great way to set up new employees and trainees for a great career, without it costing you anything! 

We would encourage you to make sure that every eligible staff member has applied. It will only strengthen your workforce, and the workplace as a whole. 


To be eligible for support, a person must:

  • have a disability or health condition that means they need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do their job (including mental health and neurodiversity, such as ADHD)

  • have a mental health condition and need support in work

  • be 16 or over

  • be in, or about to start, paid employment (including self-employment)

  • normally resident in, and working in, England, Scotland or Wales – there is a different system in Northern Ireland

Applicants do not need to have a formal diagnosis to apply, only that the condition has a significant impact on their work. 

For more detailed information, you can see the employers guide from AtW here.

You can contact The Vet Project for help and support any time, using our contact form here.

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