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neurodiversity autism

Autism resources

Our favourite Autism resources...

neurodiversity autism

National Autistic Society

A charity which supports autistic people and their families. The website has a great ‘advice and guidance’ section with lots of up to date information about a lot of aspects of autism.


The Autistic Teacher

A great Facebook page with really relatable content. Some simple information about autism that could be useful to share.


Ted Talk ‘Why everything you know about autism is wrong.’

Talk challenging perceptions around autism as a disability.


Autism Eye

Free quarterly E-magazine.


Mental wellbeing and psychosocial working conditions of autistic veterinary surgeons in the UK.

A recent paper highlighting the need for education of practice staff around neurodiversity, amongst other things.


We are here to help

At the Vet Project, we are experienced at helping ND people thrive, using their neurodivergency as a way to excel, and get ahead in their career. 

And if we aren't right for you, we can make recommendations for excellent support from our ever-growing network. Just get in touch, and we can help put you on the right path. 

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