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Our favourites...

The best resources we have found, come from the British Dyslexia association. 

They have a host of info, including resources for workplaces, and info for dyslexia awareness week (2-8 Oct).

We especially like this worksheet for workplaces on dyslexia, with facts, challenges and strengths: (downloadable) 

Workplace Dyslexia strengths pdf.

We also like 'Made by Dyslexia', a global dyslexic-led charity, with a focus on training and education.

Past BVA President James Russell has shared his experiences with dyslexia in an article available to view here:

James Russell also hosted a talk with Dr Rory Cowlam for Mind Matters, titled "dyslexia and the veterinary professions". It's an hour long, and available to watch on youtube, here:

vet veterinary neurodiversity coaching training CPD workshop
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