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Workplace accommodations

If you disclose your conditions at work, it is required that your workplace make efforts to accommodate your needs, and create a workplace that is right for you. 

This can be difficult for workplaces that do not understand ND needs, and often even we don't know what we should be asking for. 

We are here to help. 

  • Workplace training on ND topics for colleagues and entire practices to bust myths and educate on the reality, focussing on ND strengths

  • Coaching for individuals to find what is right for them

  • Consulting on industry-wide change to remove barriers to asking and receiving accommodations

Workplace training

Throughout 2024 we will be delivering workplace training on various ND and mental health conditions. This will be supported by our video courses, for easy online access as well as in-person options. (Available 2024)
By raising awareness of the reality, busting all the Hollywood myths, and long held stigma around these conditions, we can create spaces that will automatically help the entire workforce thrive. 
Use our contact form to ask about our courses and training, and how they can work for you.


We can help individuals through coaching right now. This is the best way to work out what is right for you. To find the accommodations that will help you the most, and how to ask for them in your environment. 
You can find out more about coaching here:

Coming soon

We are creating a comprehensive resource of accommodations. With feedback from employers, and experts in different ND and mental health conditions. 
If you want to know when this is available, let us know via the contact form. 

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