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Vet specific workshops 2023

The courses

4 Module 
4 hour course 

8 hours CPD

A practical toolkit for real, working vets to create their own patterns and practices to ease stress during their day. We explain the science of stress, in the body and mind, and how to use those processes to your advantage. 
You should feel good when you work, and you should be able to switch off when you go home. This course will begin that process, and give you the freedom of mind to be able to do your job to the best of your ability, and make those choices for yourself. 

This is real science for intelligent people. 

How much time and energy have you already lost to stress and worry? If you want to take back control, our toolbox will help you.
(8 hours CPD certified course)

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Science Class


A fast-paced introduction to the mechanisms of anxiety, and how athletes and performers use that energy to perform at the highest level. We teach some of the tools to harness, manage and thrive in moments of anxiety. We look at physical and logical interventions that work with the mechanisms of the brain, using the most recent research. Each tool is explained for its' psychological and psychophysical benefit - just saying something is 'good for you' isn't enough. This workshop opens doors to self exploration and follow-up coaching is highly recommended.

Stressed?: A practical toolkit for working vets

4 modules, 4 hours direct teaching, delivered online

8hrs CPD
Module 1

introduction - The science of stress: what’s really going on? 

  • Explanation

  • Reframing - primal

  • Awareness

  • Body awareness: you are the chicken and the egg

  • I am unique, what works for me?

  • Group work: Noticing and feedback

  • New beginnings: trial and error

  • Getting unstuck: taking action 

Module 3

Think like an olympic athlete


  • Recap M2

  • Group option: shared observations

  • One more step - olympic gold

  • interpretation

  • Priming and programming

  • Outcome vs. Right now - finding your motivators

  • Perfectionism and Imposter syndrome 2

  • Group work: setting intentions and feedback

  • Toteming

  • Power of creativity

  • Letting go

Module 2

Taking actions to find freedom


  • Recap M1

  • Group option: shared observations

  • Discomfort of change

  • Negativity bias

  • Active intervention: scheduled stress

  • Combatting negative thoughts

  • Perfectionism and Imposter syndrome 1

  • Comparison

  • Group work: Reflection and Option creation

  • External feedback

Module 4

Stress is a bodily function (physical session)


  • Recap M3

  • Group option: shared observations

  • posture for mental health

  • Breath awareness

  • Breath as patterns

  • Ribs and spine

  • YWLT

  • State management and awareness

  • Perfectionism and anxiety revving

  • Colour as physical change

  • Giving voice

  • Group work: self reflection, motivators, patterns, plan

  • What would future you say? 

1 hour anxiety and peak performance 

2hrs CPD

  • The science of anxiety: what’s really going on

  • Explanation

  • Reframing - primal

  • Awareness

  • Breath and body

  • Activate the mind

  • Creativity

  • 11 dimensions of memory 

  • Priming for success

  • The little voice

  • Cheerleader vs facts

  • Emotional memory

  • Inertia 

  • perfectionism and external braking

  • preparation and planning

  • rituals

  • State and finding flow

Our workshops are flexible and constantly evolving with the needs of our vets.
For more vet options 

Many more workshops exist within the
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